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HOME: Native People in the Southwest

In the American Southwest, Native people remain connected to the lands that have been their homes for centuries. In this 30 minute video by Dustinn Craig, they tell stories of that connection, of how it has survived and changed over time, and of how they are preserving it for future generations.

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Addition to the Heard Museum collection of Marla Allison’s paintings

In 2008, the Heard Museum purchased Mother, a multimedia portrait of Sharon Lynn Allison. Marla Allison, the artist, won the inaugural Dobkin Award for Innovation at SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe for this piece. Allison also donated the companion piece, Father, to the Heard. Each portrait has a video component, with photographs and film telling their personal story. Together these pieces provide a fascinating narrative of the family and heritage of a Laguna artist who is exploring new technology in the art world.

We are very grateful for the gift from Marla Allison. The Heard Museum relies on the generosity of individuals to support and strengthen our collections and exhibit program. For the Heard to fulfill our mission of educating the public about the vibrancy of Native cultures, we depend on donations from our membership and supporters. It is through gifts such as Allison’s that we are able to exhibit innovative works by contemporary American Indian artists.

The CG Wallace Collection of Zuni Jewelry

Albuquerque Museum Curator Deborah Slaney takes us on a tour of the C.G. Wallace collectionof Zuni Jewelry.

Norman Sandfield Seed Pot Collection

Norman Sandfield discusses his seed pot collection and how you can start one of your own.

Nora Naranjo-Morse

Nora Naranjo-Morse’s graceful sculpture and conceptual installations make her one of the most exciting Indian artists of her generation. Flower is available exclusively at the Berlin Gallery.

Cavan Gonzales

This video interview was done in March of 2008, on the day after the Heard Museum Guild’s 50th Anniversary Indian Fair and Market at which the museum purchased a jar made by Cavan Gonzales of San Ildefonso as a tribute to his great, great grandmother noted ceramist Maria Martinez. The shape was inspired by a 1920s jar made by Maria Martinez that he had seen on a postcard image. The jar is in the black-on-black tradition revived by his great, great grandparents Maria and Julian Martinez.

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