A charcoal drawing of a woman with long hair on a blue background.

Drawings &

The category of drawings and prints encompasses some of the earliest art in the collection and some of the most recent. Drawings in the Heard Museum collection include examples of Plains ledger art in graphite and colored pencil from the mid-1870s. By the mid-20th century, artists added the medium of pastels to their artistic practice. Many contemporary artists enjoy working in a variety of media. The Heard Museum recognized this interest, focusing on drawing in its 1977 invitational exhibition. In the 1960s, as more artists received formal university art training, they began to consider print-making using the techniques of lithography and silk screening. Some artists worked with print studios to produce themed series.

Drawings & Prints Collection Highlights

  • A drawing of a man sitting in a chair.
    T.C. Cannon, Kiowa/Caddo, 1946-1978, Collector #5, 1977, Woodblock print on paper. Gift of Christy Vezolles in memory of Gilbert Waldman, 5007-1
  • An abstract painting of shapes in shades of red, blue and yellow.
    Michael Kabotie, Hopi, 1942-2009, Awatovi Prayers, 2003, Mixed media on paper. Heard Museum purchase, 4269-1
  • A drawing of a woman with short brown hair and red sunglasses and trees in the background.
    Jean LaMarr, Pitt River/Paiute, b. 1945, Just Wanna Dance, 1984, Etching, 5/25. Heard Museum purchase, IAC1930
  • A print of an American Indian woman with geometric shapes on her head.
    Linda Lomahaftewa, Hopi/Choctaw, b. 1947, Cloud Maiden Series #10, 1987, Monoprint. Heard Museum purchase, IAC2233
  • A black and white drawing of a mountain with a full moon.
    Frank LaPena, Nomtipom Wintu, 1937-2019, Mt. Shasta, 1987, Woodblock print on paper. Heard Museum purchase, IAC2236
  • A painting of a man with rabbit ears.
    Rick Bartow, Mad River Band Wiyot, 1946-2016, Rabbit, 1997, Pastel on paper. Gift of Rick Bartow and the Froelick Adelhart Gallery, 4066-1
  • A charcoal drawing of a woman with long hair on a blue background.
    Mary Morez, Diné, 1946-2004, Study of a Navajo Woman, 1968-1969, Charcoal on paper. Gift of Byron Harvey III, IAC904
  • A print of a turkey and abstract shapes on a white background.
    Awa Tsireh, San Ildefonso Pueblo, 1898-1954, Untitled, 1932, Pochoir print. Gift of Jean F. Graves and James B. Graves, IAC1720
  • A sepia toned print of a comic book scene with conquistadors in front of a pueblo home with a checkered frame.
    Diego Romero, Cochiti Pueblo, b. 1964, Don’t Shoot Diego, 2012, Lithograph, 8/35. Gift of Brad Tompkins and Michelle M. Serra 4849-1