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Native American Artists
Resource Collection

The Native American Artists Resource Collection is a cornerstone of the Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives. With over 25,000 Native American artist files, the Native American Artists Resource Collection of the Heard Museum and its online version are the largest collection and database of its kind. This burgeoning collection offers information on traditional to contemporary Native American artists, performers and writers. The collection contains selected biographical information found in 300 linear feet of physical files. Materials collected are business cards, journal and newspaper articles, photographs, digital files, resumes, exhibition catalogues, correspondence, documented interviews and gallery announcements to name a few. Each file also includes an artist biography report that provides basic biographical information, a list of the artist’s exhibitions, fairs and markets, awards and prizes, and citations to published resources about the artist based upon Library holdings. The report also indicates if the artist is represented in the object collections of the Heard Museum. With the generosity of artists and donors combined with the hard work and dedication of volunteers and museum staff, this premiere resource has documented the great artistic achievements of Native American artists for over 40 years.

Native American Artists Resource Collection Online

The Native American Artists Resource Collection Online (NAARCO) provides internet access to this premiere resource. At present the database does not provide the richness of the content that can be found on an artist in his or her physical file, but will provide online, basic biographical information. On the other hand, the online version has the capability and power to provide quick access to substantive resources on the internet about an artist. In cooperation with the artist, the database provides enhanced digital content about the artist including portraits, curriculum vitae and artist statements. Each entry in the database will provide the following basic information: the name of the artist, alternative names for the artist, the gender and heritage of the artist, and finally the specialties and mediums for which the artist is known. Artists who have been affiliated with the Heard Museum or whose artwork has been exhibited at the Museum have more extensive biographical data. For such artists, a researcher will find life dates, the artist’s place of birth, external remarks which reference information about the artist in other Heard Museum collections, as well as exhibitions, participation in Heard Museum markets, other Indian fairs and markets, awards that an artist has earned, citations to publications, and digital resources that the artist may have provided. To begin your search, click on the button below.

A group of Native American woven baskets and textiles.

Call to American Indian Artists

Supported by American Indian artists, the Artists Resource Collection is continually expanding with new information and new names. Artists are the best source for accurate information. To ensure the continued growth and quality of the Artists Resource Collection, artists and their galleries are encouraged to include the Library and Archives on their distribution and mailing lists. In addition, the Library and Archives seeks resumes, photographs of artwork and copies of printed materials concerning artists or their work. A questionnaire for American Indian artists is available. This is a fillable form which you need to download in order to digitally sign it.

To send information about any American Indian artist, please submit material to:

Native American Artists Resource Collection
Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives
Heard Museum
2301 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004