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Nibi Walks Discussion with Sharon Day (Ojibwe)

Join us for this special learning opportunity. We are fortunate to learn from Sharon M. Day about Nibi Walks and the walking practice of praying for the waters. Sharon Day, Ojibwe, will discuss the tradition of Nibi (water) Walks. She will also share information about a future walk in Arizona that begins at the headwaters of the Rio Salado and ends at the confluence of Gila River. This practice of carrying the water with prayer has its roots in the Ojibwe culture. Learn how you can participate in this walk happening in February 2020. Tea and snacks will be provided after the talk. This talk is in collaboration between the Heard Museum, Desert Humanities at ASU and the Museum of Walking.

Sharon M. Day is the Executive Director and one of the founder’s of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF), formerly known as the Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force.

Of her environmental work she says, “As indigenous people, we’re fairly close to the land. And we have something to share with the environmental movement. …It’s really understanding that the earth is our mother, we are the water…So, how do you make an offering, how do you have a connection?…This is what we bring to the environmental movement. And justice and healing…And in 1998, for the first time, we took that kind of spiritual work out of our ceremonial work and placed it into a geo-political setting. It was necessary because of the crisis we’re in right now..North America is on fire.”


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Sharon Day (Ojibwe)

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Wednesday, November 13
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Encanto Room

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