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Exhibit closing: Time Exposures: A Photographic History of the Isleta Pueblo in the 19th century

In this exhibit, the people of Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico tell their story, history and the lasting effects of 19th century changes on their lives today. These stories are told through historic photographs and other types of media.

The people of Isleta Pueblo tell their story in three parts. First, they describe the cycle of the traditional year as it was observed in the mid-19th century. Then they discuss the arrival of the Americans, the ways the influx disrupted the Isleta way of life, how the people fought changes and “learned to become members of America on our own terms.” The final part examines the photographs as products of white culture as well as exploring the underlying ideas and values of the photos and asks “what kind of record they truly represent of our people and our ways.”

Come before Sept. 27 to see this fascinating look into the impact on today’s Isleta Pueblo people of the lives led by their forebears more than 100 years ago.

Group portrait at Isleta, N.D. Charles Lummis, photographer. Courtesy of the Autry National Center/Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, P_8405

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Sunday, September 27

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