An art gallery with several pieces of art on display.

Past Exhibition

Beauty Speaks for Us

The Heard Museum’s new Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Grand Gallery opens to the public on February 10, 2017.

The inaugural exhibition, Beauty Speaks for Us, will be a presentation of more than 200 rarely seen masterworks selected from private Phoenix collections and the Heard’s own collection of more than 40,000 works of art. This will be a true celebration of our community and a turning point for the museum as it will usher in a new era of excellence. Visitors will see timeless works of art that span generations and cultures in a wide variety of media: pottery, textiles, jewelry, beadwork, functional art, paintings, basketry and carvings.

Our sponsors

  • Presenting Sponsor

    The Kemper & Ethel Marley Foundation
    Logo for the Arts and Culture, City of Phoenix.
    Arizona Aloha Festival
  • Masterwork Signature Sponsors

    Carol Ann and Harvey Mackay
    Jill and Wick Pilcher
  • Masterwork Benefactors

    Joy and Howard Berlin
    Lisa and Gregory Boyce
    Carmen and Michael Duffek
    Janis and Dennis H. Lyon
    Mary Ellen McKee
    Janet and John Melamed
    Kristine and Leland W. Peterson
    The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, Inc.
  • Masterwork Patrons

    Dino and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
    Alice J. Dickey
    Kathleen and John Graham
    Dr. Marigold Linton and Dr. Robert Barnhill
    Jean and James J. Meenaghan
    Susan and James Navran
    Christy Vezolles and Gilbert Waldman
  • Beauty Beholders

    Sue and Judson Ball
    Jeanie Harlan
    Merle and Steve Rosskam
  • Conservation Sponsors

    Frances and Mark Paper in honor of Carol Ann Mackay
  • Programming and Education Sponsors

    Frances and Mark Paper in honor of Carol Ann Mackay
An archway leading to a courtyard with a fountain.

Reading List

Check out the Beauty Speaks for Us reading list, compiled by the Billie Jane Baguley Library.