Dear Listener Selfie Contest Winners | Heard Museum

Dear Listener Selfie Contest Winners

September 26, 2018

We at the Heard want to express our gratitude to all of the visitors who came to see DearListener: Works by Nicholas Galanin. This exhibition has created space, opened dialogues, and inspired conversations from many diverse perspectives. The Heard Selfie Contest allowed our visitors to engage and bring their own interpretations of the exhibition to the table, express their creativity, and become part of a larger framework of contemporary art. We are thrilled and excited to have seen so many beautiful, thoughtful, and engaging selfies taken in the exhibition.

The Grand Prize Winner for the HeardSelfie Contest 2018 is @thai_food07 (Thainna Marquez Washington). The portrait in front of the wallpaper in Imaginary Indian, Totem is giving us mad Kehinde Wiley vibes, and your pensive snap beneath I Dreamt I could Fly was spot on! We couldn’t decide which one we loved more! Congratulations @thai_food07!!!

Second place goes to @delruss (Delos Hawkins) for his reminder to take care of our environment and our “furry friends” in front of We Dreamt Deaf.

Third place goes to @kat_harris_ (Kat Harris) for her touching image of an expectant mother in front of Creation with her Children.

Honorable Mentions go to @widgetalley for thinking critically about the concepts woven through the exhibition, and @wagonburnerr for his “Navajo Elvi$” in front of Cheyenne Randall’s Mural.

— Erin Joyce, Curator