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Past Exhibition

Larger Than Memory: Contemporary Art from Indigenous North America

Larger Than Memory: Contemporary Art From Indigenous North America will present works by contemporary artists working across the United States and Canada in a variety of mediums and modalities. Opening summer 2020, the exhibition centers around works produced in the 21st century, highlighting the significant contribution Indigenous artists have made and continue to make to broader culture from 2000 to 2020. Indigenous artists from North America present work that addresses critical dialogues taking place globally, engaging with challenging medium sand modes of production, expressing a continuum of their respective cultural heritages while also entering into conversation with and interpreting the canon of art history. Artists in this exhibition include Nanobah Becker, Nanibah Chacon, Lewis deSoto, Jeffrey Gibson, Elisa Harkins, Brad Kahlhamer, Ian Kuali’i, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Meryl McMaster, Kent Monkman, Laura Ortman, Mike Patten, Eric-Paul Riege, Cara Romero,Kali Spitzer, C. Maxx Stevens, Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith, Marie Watt and Steven Yazzie.

A woman in a white and red dress standing in the snow.
Meryl McMaster, nehiyaw (Plains Cree)/English/Scottish/Dutch, b. 1988, What Will I Say to the Sky and the Earth II, 2019. Gift of Kathleen L. and William G. Howard, 4943-1

Gallery Views

  • A gallery entrance hallway with a lot of art hanging from the ceiling.
  • A gallery view with paintings on the walls and a sculpture of two figures fighting a serpent in the middle.
  • A gallery with a large white sculpture on top of a black table.

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