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Heard Museum Guild members posing for a group photo in 2 rows smiling and wearing Guild aprons in front of a white stucco colonnaded walkway


Nearly 400 members of the museum’s volunteer organization give their time and talents throughout the year. The Heard Museum Guild has contributed more than 1.5 million hours of volunteer time to the Museum.

Heard Museum Guild →

Begin your volunteer journey with the Heard Museum Guild. Whether you have a few hours to help with a special event or time each week to provide guided tours, work in the Shop or help visitors at the information desk, there’s something for you.

Las Guias Program

Interested in becoming a guide?
Click on the video to learn more about our program and how to contact us.
We look forward to meeting you.

Heard Museum Council →

This group offers a closer look inside the fascinating world of American Indian arts and cultures. The Council welcomes to its membership professional men and women who share an interest in Native people, their art and their lifeways.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Heard Museum is to be the world’s preeminent museum for the presentation, interpretation and advancement of American Indian art, emphasizing its intersection with broader artistic and cultural themes.


The Heard Museum does not perform appraisals; however, the Heard Museum Council, one of our volunteer organizations, holds a semi-annual Appraisal Day event where people can bring their items to be appraised for a fee. Appraisal days occur in the spring and fall. Please check our calendar of events page for upcoming dates.