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Pritzlaff Courtyard

Board of Trustees


Susan H. Navran, Chair
Mark A Schiavoni, Vice Chair
Joette Schmidt, Secretary
Patricia K. Hibbeler, Treasurer
David M. Roche, Museum Director & CEO


Life Trustees

Arlene K. Ben-Horin
Howard R. Berlin
Mark B. Bonsall
Gregory H. Boyce
Dr. Craig Cohen
Robert A. Cowie
W. David Connell
Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
Ryan P. Desmond
Robert S. Diamond
Alice J. Dickey
John Graham
Carrie L. Hulburd
James R. Huntwork
Susan Kolman, Guild President
Stephen R. Lewis
Marigold Linton
John F. Lomax
John Melamed
Robert Meyer
Scott H. O’Connor
Leland W. Peterson
Wick Pilcher
William G. Ridenour
Joette B. Schmidt
Don Smith
David Wilshin

Gary Sollars, Heard Council
President, Ex-Officio
Kay Benedict
James T. Bialac
Dr. George Blue Spruce, Jr.
Herbert J. Bool
Robert B. Bulla
F. Wesley Clelland, III
Norma Jean Coulter
Robert J. Duffy
Mary G. Hamilton
Barbara Heard
Joel P. Hoxie
Mary Hudak
Dr. Thomas M. Hudak
Jeffrey H. Kahn
Richard L. Johnes
Edward F. Lowry
Frederick A. Lynn
Dennis H. Lyon
Russ A. (Rusty) Lyon, Jr.
Carol Ann Mackay
Clint J. Magnussen
Robert L. Matthews
Miriam J. McClennen
Mary Ellen McKee
James Meenaghan
Louise Menk
Dr. Wayne Lee Mitchell
Dr. Arthur L. Pelberg
David E. Reese
William C. Schubert
Sheryl L. Sculley
Richard H. Silverman
John B. Stiteler
John G. Stuart

Mission Statement

The mission of the Heard Museum is to be the world’s preeminent museum for the presentation, interpretation and advancement of American Indian art, emphasizing its intersection with broader artistic and cultural themes.

Visitor Guide

Heard Museum Visitors Guide for Sept. - Dec., 2016

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The Heard Museum does not perform appraisals; however, the Heard Museum Council, one of our volunteer organizations, holds a semi-annual Appraisal Day event where people can bring their items to be appraised for a fee. Appraisal days occur in the spring and fall. Please check our calendar of events page for upcoming dates.

Photograph Credits

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are courtesy of either the Heard Museum Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives or the following museum staff and supporters: Caesar Chaves, Debra Krol, Taylor Peterson, Mark Scarp, Apphia Shirley, Craig Smith, Megan Richmond, Jewel Clark and Lizard Light Productions.