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- Free adult admission is extended to 1 chaperone per 7 students in grades 8 and below.
- Free adult admission is extended to 1 chaperone per 10 students in grades 8 and above.
Additional adult chaperones greater than the ratios above will be required to pay the adult group admission cost of $13.00 per adult.

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Tours require a date selection of at least 2 weeks in advance.
Guided tours are only available Monday- Friday. Self-Guiding Groups of students grades 8-12 are welcome 7 days a week.
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Please select your preferred tour option You can select only one tour per visit. Each tour is 45 minutes in length:

HOME: Native Peoples in the Southwest highlights the ancestral and present-day Native people of the Greater Southwest. This exhibit shows a wide array of artifacts including pottery, baskets and Hopi katsina dolls. Grades K-12
HOME: Native People in the Southwest

Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories traces the history of the U.S. Government’s efforts to “kill the Indian and save the man.” The exhibit highlights the arrival of students, their classroom work, dorms and extracurricular activities. Many multimedia stations enhance the experience. Recommended for older students and adults. Grades 7-12.

Please contact the museum for tour start dates.
Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories

Highlights of the Heard takes students into every gallery in the museum. Students learn about each exhibit's theme, and one or two artifacts in each gallery are highlighted. A variety of cultures and art forms are "highlighted" but not discussed in detail. Grades 7-12.
Highlights of the Heard

David Hockney's Yosemite and Masters of California Basketry highlights the impact that Yosemite has had over time and space on artistic production, from the valley’s original Indigenous inhabitants to one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Grades 3-12.

Looking for a different tour? Please let us know:

Did you want to add a self-guided tour after your docent tour?

Want to extend your visit past the docent-led tour? Students in grades 8-12, can self-guide. What is a Self-Guiding Tour? Your students can explore all the other galleries the Heard Museum has to offer while in the company of their chaperones. This is a great way to get your students engaged through a project or activity to further enhance what they take away from their visit.

Guided Activity (only available with the HOME tour)

Did you want to add a guided activity to your visit?

These participatory cultural lessons can be included with your class tour of HOME and are a fun and educational way to create a lasting memory of the Heard Museum. The targeted audience is K-8th grade and the cost is $5/student.

Guided Activities:
Jacla NecklaceBeaded Corn
Jacla Necklace
(Grades 3-6) - Students will learn about the natural materials that were used traditionally in this style of necklace created by the Navajo (coral, white shell, and turquoise) and a style of necklace that continues to be made by artists today. Students will learn about where the Navajo would have historically got the materials, how they were turned into beads, and then ultimately how it would become a necklace. This is a great memento and a wonderful way for students to learn about native peoples of the southwest.

Beaded Corn
(Grades K-3) - Learn about the importance of corn, beans, and squash which are commonly referred to as the Three Sisters. Why was and is it such an important part of the diet of native people of the Southwest. Students will create their own set of beaded corn, inspired by the many varieties of corn that has sustained native peoples for centuries. A great takeaway is the amount of kernels (beads) 22 on each side will to remind them that there are 22 federally recognized tribes in the state of Arizona.

Which activity is best for your students?
Jacla Necklace (Grades 3-6)Beaded Corn (Grades K-3)

Do you plan to eat lunch at the museum?

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For catered lunch options, please see the Student Box Lunch Menu Form

If you plan to bring sack lunches during your visit, students may eat at the picnic tables outside of the Dorrance Education Building and within the Scott L. Libby, Jr. Amphitheater.

Cost & Payment

All payments must be made by the time of the tour. Please indicate your preferred payment method:
Purchase OrderCheckCredit CardCashOther
If paying with a Purchase Order please make sure that this is emailed to prior to your visit. If we do not have your P.O. on file when you check in, another form of payment will be required.

Guided Tour: $20 per 60 students (teachers & chaperones included)

Guided Activity (add-on): $5 activity fee per child
Self-Guided Tour: $20 per 60 participants (includes students and all adults)

Please provide us with any feedback or instructions concerning special accommodations:

Cancellations & Changes Policy Agreement

If you need to cancel your visit, please email Sharah Nieto at or call 602-252-8840 at least 3 business days in advance at 602.251.0212.

No-shows will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

Contact the Education Department

For more information, contact the Heard Museum’s Education Department by email at

School Tours

Does your school currently have Title I status?

If you answered “yes,” did you know that you can get your museum admission and transportation covered if you book your trip through Act One?
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