Bob Haozous | Sistine Cowboy

HEARD MUSEUM BOBHAOZOUS SISTINECOWBOY In this 1988 steel sculpture by Bob Haozous, the artist has depicted a man in a reclined position, arm outstretched, holding a gun. The title of the work, Sistine Cowboy, references Michelangelo Buonarroti’s famed Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, more specifically the fresco The Creation of Adam, in which Michelangelo painted… Continue reading Bob Haozous | Sistine Cowboy

Frank Buffalo Hyde | Round Dance No. 5

HEARD MUSEUM FRANKBUFFALOHYDE ROUND DANCENO. 5 Frank Buffalo Hyde’s work centers around pop culture and the notion of an information-based practice—synthesizing current events, music, television, digital culture and film into a pastiche that mirrors back and interprets the 21st century world we live in. In his 2018 work Round Dance No. 5, the artist depicts… Continue reading Frank Buffalo Hyde | Round Dance No. 5

Fritz Scholder | Indian Dying

HEARD MUSEUM FRITZSCHOLDER INDIAN DYINGIN NEBRASKA In this 1972 acrylic on canvas from Scholder’s Indian series, the artist depicts a dying Indigenous person hovering against a deep teal background. The figure is mangled, with a pained look on the abstracted face, illustrating the anguish of the individual represented in the work. Visually, the work shows… Continue reading Fritz Scholder | Indian Dying

TC Cannon | Mystic Smile

HEARD MUSEUM T.C.CANNON MYSTICSMILE In this 1972 drawing by T.C. Cannon, the artist has depicted a woman reclining, gazing off toward a focal point unknown to the viewer. The simple reductivity of the line drawing is captivating and lush in its minimalism. The sitter’s figure is angular, slender and relaxed, softened further by the warm… Continue reading TC Cannon | Mystic Smile