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The Heard Museum believes that nothing can fully replace an in-person visit to a museum, to see and experience art, other works of Indigenous creation, and exhibitions up close and personal. However due to time, budget, distance and yes, social distancing the Heard Museum is not always accessible to the visiting public.

The Heard Museum team has pulled together some resources for you to help engage with American Indian art and culture in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule. We will be updating this content weekly for you to access some our most popular videos, articles and books online.

2021 Indigenous Short Film Tour

The 2021 Sundance Institute Indigenous Short Film Tour is an 85-minute virtual program of seven short films directed by Indigenous filmmakers selected from recent editions of the Sundance Film Festival.

This Is the Way We Rise (Ciara Lacy, 2021) – 2:34
The Fourfold (Alisi Telengut, 2021) – 14:49
Little Chief (Erica Tremblay, 2020) – 22:05
Fainting Spells (Sky Hopinka, 2018) – 33:40
Now Is the Time (Christopher Auchter, 2020) – 44:28
Lichen (Lisa Jackson, 2020) – 1:00:45
Fast Horse (Alexandra Lazarowich, 2018) – 1:12:21

Bank of America ‘Masterpiece Moments’

Bank of America’s Masterpiece Moment is a video series that celebrates great works of art. Learn more at their website.

Chiricahua Apache artist Allan Houser’s Earth Song is the signature sculpture on display at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ. Created in 1979 from Alabama marble, it depicts an Apache man singing a song of respect, a prayer to Mother Earth. Houser is considered the Grandfather of Contemporary Native American Sculpture for creating works that are grounded in a respect for all Indigenous cultures. Discover more reasons why Earth Song is a masterpiece with David Roche, Dickey Family Director and CEO of the Heard Museum.

Posolé from the Courtyard Cafe

Posole from the Courtyard CafeAdd this classic Mexican comfort food from our award-winning Courtyard Café to your recipe list!

Click here to download the recipe.

Larger Than Memory Family Guide

family guide cover- color drawing of bright blue background with half of an old American car decorated with oversized flowersExplore artworks by five artists in the Larger Than Memory exhibition through this fun and educational Family Guide. Each section is based on one artist in the exhibition and includes thoughtful questions and a hands-on activity. A helpful chart organizes activities to correspond to Arizona State Standards for suggested grade levels. Download the complete guide or download sections based on your interest. Full-color, 8.5×11″.

Special Programming | Father’s Day

Join us for videos created for the museum specially for Father’s Day. These videos were premiered in 2020.

Fathers by Nora Naranjo Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo)
Editor, Ramona Emerson
Music: “Hopi Rain Dance Song #1”, performed by E-Yah_Pah-Hah Chanters. Directed by Louis Ballard, c. 1965, collection of Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico; “Rain Drops”, written and performed by Po.10Cee, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.
Photos: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian Cultural Resource Center, Washington, D.C.; Palace of the Governors Archives, New Mexico State Archives, New Mexico; Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; as well as local community and Naranjo families.
Artist Steven Yazzie (Navajo/Laguna Pueblo/European) is asked the imoprtant questions about his life and work in this fun interview with his kids. Dad joke included.

Special Programming | Día Del Niño

One of the Heard Museum’s most popular family events, the annual celebration of Día Del Niño moved to an online format for 2020. The playlist below showcases 3 videos of storytelling, a home weaving demonstration and a live musical performance. These videos were premiered on April 26, 2020.

Watch and Listen

These are some of our most popular YouTube videos. Visit our channel for more videos from insider looks at our collections to our Hoop Dance Contest and artist interviews.


Earthsong is our quarterly member publication detailing exhibitions and activities at the museum. Click on each publication to read it online via ISSUU.

Earthsong publication cover showing a detail of silver and turquoise concho belts hanging vertically against a tan fabric background
Earthsong Summer 2021
Earthsong publication cover showing a detail of modernist artwork by Leon Polk Smith of geometric grouped canvases in strong gold and yellow colors
Earthsong Winter 2021
Earth Song publication cover showing an aerial view of a portion of a table covered in white fabric with fake food all painted white against a black background for the exhibition Larger Than Memory
Earthsong Fall 2020
Earthsong Winter 2020
Earthsong Cover Fall 2019
Earthsong Fall 2019
Earthsong Cover Spring 2019
Earthsong Spring 2019
Earthsong Cover Winter 2019
Earthsong Winter 2019
Earthsong Cover Fall 2018
Earthsong Fall 2018
Earthsong Cover Summer 2018
Earthsong Summer 2018
Earthsong Cover Spring 2018
Earthsong Spring 2018
Earthsong Cover Fall 2017
Earthsong Fall 2017
Earthsong Cover Summer 2017
Earthsong Summer 2017

Children's Activities

The museum has a robust Education Department that creates Standards-based curricula for educators as well as art activities for tours. Visit our Education pages for more information.

Download Standards-based curricula for Arizona students. There are additional activities in the curriculum downloads.
To download our most recent packets please fill out the forms in the drop down below. If you are not an educator, just put “N/A” anywhere the required field isn’t applicable for you.
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Boarding Schools Curriculum for Download

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Art Card Activities
Art cards are a fun way to introduce children in elementary school to artwork by American Indian artists. They are designed to help children look at art carefully and exercise their interpretation skills. Each card has a suggested art activity that can be done with the help of an adult or independently. Every card is also aligned to Arizona K-12 visual art standards. Fill out the form below to get your free download. If you are not an educator, just put “N/A” anywhere the required field isn’t applicable for you.

Art Cards Download Form

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The Heard Museum is a proud Smithsonian Affiliate and we are pleased to introduce a free resource called the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab allows teachers, parents, and students to search all of the Smithsonian’s digitized holdings to create their own collections, research, and lesson plans on topics in art, history, science, and more. You can build your collections from scratch or create a copy of an existing collection to make your own. You can also upload your own materials and publish your content to share with others.

Click here to visit the Learning Lab and get started!

The Smithsonian is launching the first of a #SmithsonianEdu monthly challenge series, with open-ended activity prompts for families to participate in at home starting in August. The first activity challenge highlights exhibit design with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and museum educators across the Smithsonian.

Click to visit the Smithsonian Learning Lab here and learn how museum teams think about objects and the stories they tell, then create your own mini exhibit from items you have at home.

Cover of the Winter at Home activity book from the Smithsonian Museum

Also from the Smithsonian

Download Winter at Home, a learning guide aimed at K-8 learners. The collaboration between the Smithsonian and USA Today brings bilingual Spanish/English language content in STEM, history, and the arts to students, parents, and educators.