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Heard Museum Guild

As the volunteer arm of the Museum, Guild members support a wide range of activities that enrich the vibrancy of the museum and enhance its well-deserved reputation as a leading arts institution. As a member of the Guild, you can choose from a vast array of interests that capture your skills, talents, and imagination and involve as much or as little time as you wish to devote. Weekday, evening, and weekend opportunities are available to meet your needs for flexible scheduling and to accommodate both ongoing assignments and intermittent help with special events and projects.

In addition to supporting the work of the Heard Museum, our members take advantage of a robust calendar of events including speakers, museum activities, and travel to learn more about  American Indian culture, art, history, and current issues facing Native communities. As an added bonus, many members find deep and enduring friendships within the Guild membership and staff of the Museum.

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The volunteer opportunities available to Guild members are many and varied. Collectively, Guild members provide more than 50,000 hours of volunteer service each year. Members of the Heard Museum are eligible to join the Guild. Membership in the Heard Museum is a prerequisite for Guild Membership. For those who are not currently members of the Heard Museum, click here to learn more.

As a Guild member, you will have access to the members’ only section of the Guild website and will receive our weekly online newsletter, Happening Now, to keep you up to date on upcoming events, activities, volunteer opportunities, museum happenings, and more.

A Range of Opportunities

Visit the Guild website to see all the various responsibilities that are undertaken by Guild members for the benefit of the Museum. Browse the Travel, Education, and Events pages to review all the social, travel, dining, educational, and entertainment experiences that are available to members of the Guild.

Two Levels of Involvement

Within the Guild there are two levels of membership:

Becoming the chair of a committee or assuming responsibility for an activity or event moves one to a higher level of involvement. Those interested in becoming even more involved can enroll in a seven month training program to become a docent. Finally, one can take on a leadership role by becoming an officer or member of the Guild’s Board of Directors.

Support the Guild

The members of the Guild participate in the development of the Museum and its facilities and services, and in the growth of the Museum as a vital cultural and educational institution in the Southwest. Donate to the Heard Museum Guild General Fund.

Donate Online

Student Art Note Cards

Student Art Note Cards

Available in Assortment Packages or Single Design Packets. Purchase online through the Heard Museum Guild website, or in the Heard Museum Shops.


The Heard Museum does not perform appraisals; however, the Heard Museum Council, one of our volunteer organizations, holds a semi-annual Appraisal Day event where people can bring their items to be appraised for a fee. Appraisal days occur in the spring and fall. Please check our calendar of events page for upcoming dates.

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