To learn how you can be a sponsor for the Indian Fair & Market, visit our Donate page or contact
IlgaAnn Bunjer, 2020 Indian Fair & Market Fundraising Chair, at 602.438.4384.
You can also use the form on our Contact Us page to make an inquiry.

The Heard Museum and the Heard Museum Guild
thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the artists and the Indian Fair & Market.

Fair Sponsors

Courtyard Stage                                                                             Artists Hospitality

Publisher of Official Fair Guide and Media Sponsor

Media Sponsor

Awards Sponsors

Best of Show Award Sponsors

Howard R. & Joy M. Berlin, Kristine & Leland W. Peterson and the Head Family

We are delighted to announce the $15,000 Best of Show Award.
Peterson is Treasurer of the Heard Museum Board of Trustees. Berlin is a Life Trustee of the Heard Museum.
Head is a museum member from Minneapolis.
The Guild thanks the Berlins, Petersons and Head for their generous support
of the Indian Fair & Market and our outstanding artists.

Juried Competition Awards Program Sponsor

B. Van Denburgh

Award Sponsor Appreciation

Sharron & Del Lewis

Conrad House Award

Samuel J. Parker

Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award

Idyllwild Arts Foundation - Native American Arts Program & Festival

Youth Awards

Ages 12-14:   Betty Van Denburgh                                                       Ages 15-17:   Betty Van Denburgh


Best of Classification Sponsors

Baskets – Sue Snyder
Diverse Arts – Jane Barlow & Associates
Jewelry & Lapidary - Waddell Gallery
2-Dimensional - Sue Snyder
Open Standards - Lynda Helmstadter Barber
Personal Attire –PRO EM Party & Event Rentals
Pottery – De Bachmann
Pueblo Carvings - Barbara & Matt Korn
Sculpture - Paul & Shelia Mackasek
Weavings & Textiles - Heard Museum Shop

Innovation Award Sponsors

Baskets - Carolyn & James Halladay
Diverse Arts - Christy Vezolles & Gilbert Waldman
Jewelry & Lapidary - John Ward
2-Dimensional - Craig & Barbara Barrett Foundation
Personal Attire - Valerie & Paul Piazza
Pueblo Carvings - Dr. Neil S. Berman, Ph.D.
Pottery - King Galleries
Sculpture – Allan Houser, Inc.
Weaving & Textiles – Nora & Jack Jones

1st Place Division Sponsors

Division A: Anonymous
Division B: Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, Steve & Gail Getzwiller
Division C: Loren & Cathy Brown

Diverse Arts:
Division A: Mary G. Hamilton
Division B: Claire & Myron Warshaw
Division C: Norma & Burton J. Miller
Division D: Barry H. Westgate
Division E: Barry H. Westgate

Jewelry & Lapidary:
Division A: Elizabeth Raspolic
Division B: Anonymous
Division C: Judith & Don Miles
Division D: Faust Gallery
Division E: Carolyn & James Halladay
Division F: Sue Webber & Marsha Speck
Division G: Coralee Auverson Brewer & Andrew Brewer
Division J: Adrian & Carla Cohen
Division K: Carol Ann & Harvey Mackay

Division A: Craig & Barbara Barrett Foundation
Division B: Craig & Barbara Barrett Foundation
Division C: In Honor of Joe H. Herrera (SeeRo) and Tonita Peña (Quah-ah) 
Division D: Cynthia & Tom Laconte
Division E: Barry H. Westgate

Personal Attire:
Division A: Georgia Heller & Denis Duran
Division B: Barry H. Westgate
Division C: Adrian & Carol Cohen

Division A: Esther & Gil Sager
Division B: Carol Cohen
Division C: Mary & Mark B. Bonsall
Division D: Kathleen & Sam Serrapede
Division E: Cerelle Bolon
Division F: Patricia AtLee
Division G: Janis Lyon

Pueblo Carvings:
Division A: W. David Connell
Division B: Catherine Meschter

Division A: Dee Dowers
Division B: Beverly Terry
Division C: Barry H. Westgate
Division D: Don & Dorothea Smith

Weavings & Textiles:
Division A: Dr. Thomas B. Stevenson & Ms. Nadia Hlibka
Division B: Beverly T. Watkins
Division C: Beverly T. Watkins

Open Standards:
First American Art Magazine

2nd Place Division Sponsors

Baskets (2 divisions):
Division A: Betty Van Denburgh
Division B: Betty Van Denburgh
Division C: Connie Thornton

Diverse Arts:
Division A: Theresa & Pat Harvey
Division B: Karen & Donald Abraham
Division C: MJ Boster
Division D: Mary G. Hamilton
Division E: Mary G. Hamilton

Jewelry & Lapidary:
Division A: The McDonough Family
Division B: Joyce & Jim Smith
Division C: Don & Anna Lea Seago
Division D: Arlene & Giora Ben-Horin
Division E: Jeanette & Charles Salerno
Division F: Clay & Linda Crossland
Division G: Nancy Mossman
Division J:  Mary G. Hamilton
Division K: Mary G. Hamilton

Division A: John A. Giordano
Division B: Betty Timmons
Division C: Mary Hamilton
Division D: Mary G. Hamilton
Division E: Mary G. Hamilton

Personal Attire:
Division A: Carl & Saralou Merrell
Division B: Ken Noone, in memory of Phyllis Aaron Noone
Division C: Jan & Jim Darrington

Division A: Jane & Steve Marmon
Division B: Anonymous
Division C: Stanley & Michelle Jarocki
Division D: Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Pelburg, M.D.
Division E: Anonymous
Division F: Mary G. Hamilton
Division G: Mary G. Hamilton

Pueblo Carvings:
Division A: Dorothy Hockenberg
Division B: Anonymous

Division A: Helmut & Hilde Horchler
Division B: Jana Turner
Division C: Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Hudak
Division D: Mary G. Hamilton

Weavings & Textiles:
Division A: Anonymous
Division B: Joyce & Jim Smith
Division C: Mary G. Hamilton

Open Standards:
Shirley & George Karas

Judge's Choice Awards Sponsors

Katie & Ben Blackstock
Linda & Warren Breisblatt
W. Dan Broome
Landon and Dorcas Browning
Robby Buchanan
Constance Harrington & William Carlson
Jan Christensen
Dino & Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
Judith Dobbs
Steve & Connie Dunning
John C. Hill Antique Indian Art Gallery
Fred & Roberta Horowitz
Colleen & John Lomax
Phyllis & Ed Manning
Jan & Mike McAdams
Carol McElroy
Carol McElroy
Carol McElroy
Mike Miller
Carolyn Morgan
Dee Murdy
Rudy & Maureen Rojas
Elinor & David Rothberg
Miki Safadi
Barbara Sparman
Judy Wallace
John & Millicent Wesley

People's Choice Award

Carol McElroy

Friends of the Fair

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Aranda
Gene Aslanian
Robert B. Bauver
Lou & Kay Benedict
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Brugato
Margaret Busch
Jim & Cindy Carter
Norma Jean Coulter
Ellen Cromer
Clay & Linda Crossland
Barbara Filosi
Carolyn & Frank J. Gollings
Monica Graham
Nancy & Dean Graves
Susan Grenyo
Barbara & Judith Griffin
Lucy Harris & Scott Helmscamp
Cal & Virginia Ann Holman
Mark Huber
Kathy & Howard Jones
Clare Kallsen
Tom & Jan Lathrop
Dan & Judy Lippman
Mark & Denise Magness
Cozette & Bill Matthews
Gloria Murison
Rex & Ellen Nelsen
Suzanne Niven
Bill & Ellie Pendleton
Ginny Powell
Allie Raven
Dr. Sue Roe
Burke R. Rosenzweig Family
Louise R. Slotta
Jackie Stubbs
Kenny Suiter
Lillian Vancel
Ronnie Ann Wainwright
Polly Mills Whitehorn