2018 Best of Show and Best of Class Winners

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Best of Show Winner

Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock)
Protect, Honor, Cherish

"Protect, Honor, Cherish" by Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/ Shoshone/ Bannock)

Okuma's mixed-media sculpture, Protect, Honor, Cherish, of a Shoshone mother with her child in a cradleboard received the first-ever $10,000 prize sponsored by Howard R. and Joy M. Berlin and Christine and Leland W. Peterson. The Museum acquired the piece through a gift from Kathleen L.      and William G. Howard and the Heard Museum    Council.

Jamie has been coming to the Fair since age 16 with her mother, beadwork artist Sandra Okuma. She described her sculpture as “the culmination of the past 6 years’ experiences stepping away from this art form to raise a family and focus on a lifelong desire to work 

in fashion. “Protect” is literally the function of the cradleboard. Its work and design were created in such a way because of the great love for our children so we “cherish” this stage in life and “honor” it with a functional piece of incredible art.”

Reflecting on the process she said, “As I started working on the micros (beads) again after 6 years, I felt whole again. They healed me in a way I could not have imagined. During this process, I concluded that while stepping back from what I was gifted with was okay, it cannot be neglected for too long. I must “Protect, Honor and Cherish” the gifts I have as an artist.”

I Jewelry and Lapidary

Best of Class: Lyndon Tsosie (Navajo)
"Nitchih Diné E (Air People)"

II Pottery

Best of Class: Garrett Maho (Hopi)
"Talking with the Clay"

III Paintings, Drawings, Graphics and Photography

Best of Class: Peggy Fontenot (Patawomeck/Potawatomi)

IV Pueblo Carvings

Best of Class: Mavasta Honyouti (Hopi)
"Entering the Kiva"

V Sculpture

Best of Class: Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo)
"The Rainbow Dance"

VI Weavings and Textiles

Best of Class: Kevin Aspaas (Navajo)
"Revival Navajo Wedgeweave"


VII Diverse Art Forms

Best of Class: Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/Shoshone/Bannock)
"Protect, Honor, Cherish"

VIII Baskets

Best of Class: Geo Neptune (Passamaquoddy)
"Apikccilu Binds the Sun"

IX Personal Attire

Best of Class: Orlando Dugi (Navajo)
"The Eagle Huntress Gown"

X Beadwork and Quillwork

Best of Class: Beverly (Bear King) Moran (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)
"Midnight Dream"

XI Conrad House Cutting-Edge Award

Best of Class: Angela Babby (Oglala Lakota)
"Kiksuyapi 1890 (Remember Don't Forget)

Junior Artists

Best of Show: Albert Haskie (Navajo)
"Butterfly Buckle"