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That’s The Way I Like It!

This is one poll where no clear winners are a good thing.

In giving preferences for favorite artworks proposed for the exhibit That’s the Way I Like It!, visitors to the Heard Museum and its Facebook page showed such strong support among the 22 choices the exhibit curators decided to include more than merely the very top vote-getters.

Balloting for artwork for the exhibit started last fall and ended in mid-February, after museum visitors received a blue chip – like a poker chip – that they could place in one of 22 blue boxes placed near the Lovena Ohl Gallery, where the exhibit is on display.

Each of the 22 boxes had a photo of a work of art recently donated to the museum. Artwork was in a variety of media from paintings to pottery. Midway through the contest, Darren Vigil Gray’s (Jicarilla Apache) 2011 acrylic on canvas painting Motherland of Basketmakers #16 was in the lead. When all chips were counted, the work receiving the most support was by Vigil Gray.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Heard’s Facebook page could also see the same photos of artworks and vote online. The selections were fast and furious with Facebook friends selecting Fausto Fernandez’s 2009 mixed media artwork, Demographic Fabric of America, midway through the contest. When all online choices were counted the winner was Fernandez.

Additionally, That’s the Way I Like It! will feature new and exciting works received since the polling began.