It's Your Turn Yosemite | Heard Museum

Small child coloring on an iPad mounted to a wooden table

It’s Your Turn Yosemite

It’s Your Turn will immerse visitors in the landscape of the Yosemite Valley. Through a series of hands-on activities for children and families, you can try your hand at basket weaving, explore iPad drawing, and color postcards to send to your friends and family. Now, it’s your turn to be inspired by this amazing landscape!

It’s Your Turn: Yosemite explores the iconic landscape, plants and animals of Yosemite National Park and looks at how it has inspired artists to make work. Yosemite has been a creative inspiration for many people, from the Indigenous people who lived there for centuries to British artist David Hockney. Indigenous people created large, intricately designed baskets using the plants that grow in the valley, while David Hockney made photo collages and drew the landscape using his iPad.

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