It's Your Turn - Color! | Heard Museum

Its' Your Turn - Color! family friendly exhibition in conjunction with the textile exhibition Color Riot!

It’s Your Turn – Color!

This family-friendly gallery offers a fun and educational component to our exhibition Color Riot! How Color Changed Navajo Textiles. Weavers use color, pattern, texture, and their imaginations when they make textiles. At times, the colors are so bright and the patterns are so complicated that our eyes jump when we look at them. Some of these textiles are called Eyedazzlers. Artists working in every medium use these elements of design when they create.

In this gallery, everyone has a chance to experiment with color and pattern. Try each activity and see which one you like the best!

Pick a color then follow your color to all of the activities!
Make a Sheep
Make a Match
Weave Away
Light and Shadow
Make a Pattern
Create with Color
Color a Postcard