It’s Your Turn: A HOME Studio | Heard Museum
It's Your Turn: a family friendly exhibition

It’s Your Turn: A HOME Studio

Home is the center of life for Native peoples in the Southwest. Explore the many meanings of home and how it comes to life in clay, pigment, plants, fiber, wood, and metal by the people whose art and expression are reflections of the landscapes in which they live.

This hands-on interactive exhibition space invites the whole family to learn through play! Once you explore the exhibition, HOME: Native People in the Southwest, you can expand on your learning with several fun hands-on activities based on the cultures of different tribes, designed to help deepen understanding of what “home” means to Native peoples.

Activities Include:

  • Creating an O’otham Calendar Stick
  • Coloring and decorating an Apache saddlebag
  • Creating butterfly and dragonfly ornaments
  • Creating a 3D model Navajo Hogan
  • Playing with large foam Legos to make a home
  • Coloring bracelets based on Zuni lapidary work
  • Completing puzzles based on Northwest Coast animal designs

New HOME Family Guide – Become an ART EXPLORER!

Be sure to pick up our new HOME Family Guide before visiting HOME: Native People in the Southwest, which will help you find the many animal figures and designs used by Native peoples in their art.