Black White Blue Yellow ("BWBY") | Heard Museum

Black White Blue Yellow (“BWBY”)

Opened: July 29, 2017
Closed: October 15, 2017

Black White Blue Yellow, the immersive four-channel video and sound installation by artist Steven Yazzie (Navajo/Laguna/European) returns to the museum. The exhibition explores the four sacred mountains that surround the Diné/Navajo people:

  • BLACK (North): Dib’e Nitsaa/Hesperus Mountain
  • WHITE (East): Peak/Sisnaajini /Blanca Peak
  • BLUE (South): Tsoodzil Mount Taylor/south
  • YELLOW (West): DookĘĽoĘĽoosĹ‚Ă­Ă­/San Francisco Peaks

BWBY is a journey and departure to sacred land and space, the source of cultural continuities: indigenous knowledge, mystery, discovery, fear, connection, and exploitation by contemporary societies. BWBY is a culmination of video and sound documentation that will bring the viewer into the complexities of these geographies in a temporal conceptual experience, designed to touch on the mountain’s symbolic nature residing deep within our human memory.