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Jewelry Exhibits

Silver jewelry collar with blade-like projections

Pat Pruitt: Jewelry and Metalwork

The Heard Museum will present an exhibition of Pat Pruitt’s jewelry and metalwork. Pruitt’s style is completely unique and unexpected – even when creating “traditional” pieces like bolo ties or concho belts. Pruitt is known for pushing the boundaries of wearable art, and has attracted national attention for his arresting visual style. This original exhibition ...

Celebrate! 90 Years at the Heard Museum

Signature works from the permanent collection— Hopi katsina dolls, classic Pueblo pottery, Navajo textiles, jewelry and more—will commemorate the milestones, people, and events that have made the Heard Museum the American treasure and must-see destination it is today.

Sonwai: The Jewelry of Verma Nequatewa

Verma Nequatewa (Hopi, b. 1949) began an apprenticeship with her uncle Charles Loloma around 1966. Nequatewa has signed her distinctive work with the Hopi feminine word for beauty, Sonwai, since 1989. It complements her uncle’s name, which was the masculine word with the same meaning. Nequatewa worked with her uncle for more than twenty years. ...

Symmetry in Stone: The Jewelry of Richard I. Chavez

For the first time in his more than 40-year career, Richard Chavez’s jewelry is featured in a retrospective exhibition. Since his early years of jewelry design and execution, Chavez has continued to painstakingly make each item by hand. An artist who enjoys designing, Chavez places an emphasis on stone selection, placement and presentation. Now, some ...

Awa Tsireh: Pueblo Painter and Metalsmith

Awa Tsireh: Pueblo Painter and Metalsmith

This exhibit explores the paintings and metalworks of San Ildefonso artist Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal). Born at San Ildefonso Pueblo in 1898, Awa Tsireh began his painting career in 1917 and by the early 1920s his work was exhibited nationally. Although he received accolades for his paintings throughout his lifetime, less is known about Awa ...

Beauty Speaks for Us

The Heard Museum’s new Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Grand Gallery opens to the public on February 10, 2017. The inaugural exhibition, Beauty Speaks for Us, will be a presentation of more than 200 rarely seen masterworks selected from private Phoenix collections and the Heard’s own collection of more than 40,000 works of art. This will be a ...