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Virtual Art Talk: Falling to Turtle Island

In this discussion, panelists Jamie Jacobs (Tonawanda Seneca) and Michael Galban (Washoe / Mono Lake Paiute) will join moderator Sean Mooney for a discussion about their contributions to the Heard Museum’s new signature exhibition, Substance of Stars. Their dialogue will center on the Sky Woman foundation story which forms the basis of many Haudenosaunee traditions, including clan animals, matrilineal structures, and land stewardship. Objects included in the exhibition demonstrate cosmological symbols that illustrate the Sky Woman and other Haudenosaunee narratives.

Sky Woman, 1936
Ernest Smith (Tonawanda Seneca, Heron Clan, 1907-1975)

Event Details

Wednesday, March 29
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Cost: Free


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