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31st Annual Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest

Artistry, sheer athleticism, cultural traditions

  • Over 90 competitors in five age groups from the U.S. and Canada
  • Hoop Dance is a two-day championship with roots as an Indigenous healing ceremony
  • Competitors may use dozens of hoops in this unique dance

On Saturday and Sunday, top American Indian and Canadian First Nations hoop dancers will compete at the Heard Museum for the prestigious World Champion title and cash prizes. At the two-day competition, men and women compete on an equal field.

The art of hoop dance honors the cultural traditions from multiple Indigenous communities that first employed hoop dance as a healing ceremony. Today, hoop dance is shared as an artistic expression to celebrate and honor Indigenous traditions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Dancers are judged on a slate of five skills: precision, timing/rhythm, showmanship, creativity, and speed. Contestants compete in one of five divisions: Tiny Tots (age 5 and younger), Youth (6-12), Teen (13-17), Adult (18-39) and Senior (40 and older). See the contest rules below for further detail.

NOTE: This is an outdoor event, rain or shine. Lawn seating only. We recommend bringing folding chairs or blankets. Outside food and beverages (excluding water bottles) may not be brought into this event.

Due to the nature of Hoop Dance exact times cannot be provided for each division but will happen the following order:


9:30 a.m. – Grand Entry of Contestants
Tiny Tots (5 and under)….
Youth Division (6-12)… First Round
Teen Division (13-17)… First Round
Adult Division (18-39)… First Round
Senior Division (40+)… First Round
*Please note that lunch will take place mid-day for 1 hour.


9:30 a.m. – Grand Entry of Contestants
Youth Division (6-12)… Second Round
Teen Division (13-17)… Second Round
Adult Division (18-39)… Second Round
Senior Division (40+)…..Second Round
Youth Division (6-12)… Final Round
Teen Division (13-17)… Final Round
Senior Division (18-39)…Final Round
Adult Division (40+)….Final Round

About Hoop Dancing

Hoop dancing is a long-standing tradition in many Native cultures. This unique dance can involve the use of more than 50 hoops. Passed down from one generation to the next, hoop dancing communicates individual and tribal stories using hoops to create symbols and depict animals of great meaning in Native communities. The continuous circle of the hoops symbolizes the circle of life and the continual changing of the seasons.

Traditional hoops were made from the wood of a willow tree. Modern-day hoops are often made from reed and plastic hose because of the durability of the material when traveling. The hoops are decorated with tape and paint to symbolize the changing colors of each season. The traditional wooden hoops are still used on rare occasions.

Contest Rules

World Championship Hoop Dance Contest 2020 Rules

Contestant Information


1st $3501st $7501st $40001st $2500
2nd $2002nd $5002nd $30002nd $2000
3rd $1503rd $3503rd $25003rd $1500
4th $2000
5th $1500
6th $1000

2020 Winners

Adult (18-39)

World Adult Champion:Scott Sixkiller-Sinquah (Gila River Pima, Hopi) #439
2nd Place: Tyrese Jensen (Diné, Pima Maricopa) #438
3rd Place: James Jones (Tallcree First Nation) #437
4th Place: Sampson Sixkiller-Sinquah (Gila River Pima, Hopi, Cherokee) #436
5th Place: Talon Duncan (San Carlos, Apache, Arikara/Hidastsa/Mandan) #433
6th Place: Patrick Willie (Diné) #435

Senior (40 and above)

World Senior Champion:Moontee Sinquah (Hopi, Tewa, Choctaw) #512
Second Place:Lisa Odjig (Obijwe, Odawa, Pottawatomi) #510
Third Place:Terry Goedel (Yakama) #506

Teens (13-17)

World Teen Champion:Nedallas Hammill (Diné) #323
Second Place:Josiah Enriquez (Pueblo of Pojaque) #312
Third Place:Joseph Romero (Pueblo of Pojaque/Nambé) #311

Youth (6-12)

World Youth Champion:Kailayne Jensen (Diné) #254
Second Place:Isaiah George (Santa Clara Pueblo) #233
Third Place: JaiP’o Harvier (Pueblo of Pojoaque) #239

2019 Winners

Adult (18-39)

World Adult Champion: Cody Boettner, #403 (Creek)
2nd Place: Tyrese Jensen, #411 (Diné / Pima-Maricopa)
3rd Place: Sampson Sixkiller Sinquah, #409 (Hopi / Pima / Cherokee)
4th Place: Scott Sinquah, #408 (Hopi / Pima / Cherokee)
5th Place: Patrick Willie, #422 (Diné)
6th Place: Tony Duncan, #416 (San Carlos Apache / Arikara / Hidasta)

Senior (40 and above)

World Senior Champion:Lane Jensen, #502 (Diné / Maricopa)
Second Place:Terry Goedel, #501 (Yakama / Tulalip)
Third Place:Moontee Sinquah, #503 (Hopi / Tewa / Choctaw)

Teens (13-17)

World Teen Champion:Nanabah Kadenehii, #310 (Diné)
Second Place:Josiah Enriquez, #308 (Pueblo of Pojoaque)
Third Place:Nedallas Hammill, #322 (Diné / HoChunk)

Youth (6-12)

World Youth Champion:Kailayne Jensen, #217, (Diné / Maricopa)
Second Place:Rito “RJ” Lopez, #228, (Pima / Apache / Arikara / Hidasta)
Third Place: JaiP’o Harvier, #202 (Pueblo of Pojoaque / Santa Clara Pueblo)

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Event Details

February 13 – 14, 2021
Saturday – Sunday

Saturday, Feb. 13
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (gates open 8:45 a.m.; grand entry 9:30 a.m.)

Sunday, Feb. 14
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (gates open 8:45 a.m.; grand entry 9:30 a.m.)

Adults: $25
Seniors (65 and older): $22
American Indians: $10
Heard Museum members: $15
Children (Ages 6-17): $9
Children (Ages 5 & Under): $0

Heard Museum Campus

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Start time of each day's grand entry is approximate.