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The Campaign

The Heard Museum is the world’s preeminent museum for the advancement of American Indian art. For more than 90 years, we have been a cultural anchor of our community, educating, engaging and inspiring the public while playing a critical role in creating opportunities for artists and cultural partners. Through the 2020 Once in a Blue Moon campaign, nearly 150 supporters contributed $890,303 to help ensure our work would continue during the most challenging time in the Heard Museum’s history.

Total Amount Raised


Committee Chairs

Janet and John Melamed

Committee Members

George Abrams
Milena and Tony Astorga
Arlene Ben-Horin
Howard and Joy Berlin
Salvador A. Bretts
Susan Esco Chandler and Alfred D. Chandler
Erika and Russell Dickey

Mary and Dr. Tom Hudak
Carrie Hulburd
Ruth Kaspar
Sharron Lewis
Colleen and John Lomax
Janis Lyon
Carol Ann and Harvey Mackay
Mary Ellen McKee
Jean and James J. Meenaghan
Wick and Jill Pilcher
Merle and Steve Rosskam
Carol and Randy Schilling
Ellen and John Stiteler
Amy Thurston
David and Jo Van Denburgh


graphic of sponsor benefits levels for bluemoon campaign. Sponsorships start at $1,000 and go up to $100,000 and come with varying benefits. Please contact for more information.
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Blue Moon Garden

In Fall 2020, the Heard Museum will beautify the North Garden, where Doug Hyde’s Southwest Summer Showers serves as the first work of American Indian art that many visitors see when entering the Heard’s campus. The garden surrounding this magnificent sculpture will remind visitors of the remarkable commitment shown by the Once in a Blue Moon campaign’s most generous supporters. A lasting monument, made from dazzling blue granite and recognizing the dedication of all campaign contributors, by name, at or above the ‘Harvest Moon’ ($7,500) level will be unveiled at the Campaign Celebration and remain a prominent feature of the revitalized Garden for years to come.


Joy Harjo

(Mvscoke) | U.S. Poet Laureate (re-appointed April 2020)

Older woman looking at camera with long black hair and bright red tunic

Betty Van Denburgh

Longtime Heard Museum Supporter & Volunteer

smiling older lady with swept back white hair, black shirt and Native American artwork in background


Blue Moon Sponsor

Sharron Lewis

Super Moon Sponsors

Mrs. Dennis Lyon
David and Joann Van Denburgh, in honor of Betty Van Denburgh
Elizabeth Van Denburgh, in honor of Betty Van Denburgh

Wolf Moon Sponsors

Adelante Foundation / established by Nadine and Eddie Basha
Anonymous (3)
John L. and Hope L. Furth
Mary Ellen and Robert H. McKee
Janet and John Melamed

Full Moon Sponsors

Howard and Joy Berlin
Mary and Mark Bonsall
Susan Esco Chandler and Alfred D. Chandler
Julie and Wes Clelland
Adrian and Carla Cohen
Frank and Betsy Goodyear
Kathleen and John Graham
Judy Hewson
Carol Ann and Harvey Mackay
Jean and James Meenaghan
Elaine and Scott Montgomery
Moreno Family Foundation
Samuel J. Parker
Kristine and Leland W. Peterson
Jill and Wick Pilcher / USI
Merle and Steve Rosskam
Carol and Randy Schilling
Sue and Bud Selig
Ellen and John Stiteler
Amy Thurston
Christy Vezolles and Gilbert Waldman

Harvest Moon Sponsors

Arlene and Giora Ben-Horin
Lisa and Greg Boyce
Sharon and Dr. Craig Cohen
Pamela Grant and Daniel Cracchiolo
Erika, Russell, Ken, and Tod Dickey, in Memory of A.J. Dickey
Carrie and Jon Hulburd / Michael W. Louis Charitable Trust
Sue and Jim Navran
Rose and Harry Papp
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
David Wilshin

Half Moon Sponsors

Karen and Don Abraham
Milena and Tony Astorga
DLR Group
Joel and Cindy Hoxie
Jim and Patience Huntwork
Dan and Helen Lindsay

Crescent Moon Sponsors

Christine and John R. Augustine
B. Robert Meyer and Terri Gallen Edersheim
Tom and Ruth Ann Hornaday
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hudak
Bob and Jeanette Latta
Robert and Shari Levitan
Sam and Judy Linhart
John and Colleen Lomax
Fred and Ann Lynn
Clint and Audrey Magnussen
Pivotal Foundation / F. Francis and Dionne Najafi
Carol and Ken Seidberg
Don and Dorothea Smith
Kevin and Dana Smith
Snell & Wilmer LLP
Trudy and Steven Wiesenberger

New Moon Sponsors

Linda and Jim Ballinger
Joan and Charles Berry
Allison and Robert Bertrand
Cerélle E. Bolon
Rich and Janet Bottarini
Katherin and David Chase
Carol Cohen
Jerry Cowdrey
John and Diane Eckstein
Paul and Flo Eckstein, in honor of Arlene and Giora Ben-Horin
Ardie and Steve Evans
Joseph P. Farina and Joelle Haspil
Mr. and Mrs. George Getz / Globe Foundation
Angela and Jeffrey Glosser
Frances S. Hammond
Marilyn Harris
Michael Hawksworth and Anna Sokolova
Hensley Beverage Company
Lynn R. Hoffman
Jane and Malcolm Jozoff
Emily G. Kahn
Ellen and Howard Katz
Bonnie Kraft
Joan and Joe McDonnell
Abigail and Agatha Melamed, in honor of Janet and John Melamed
The Melamed Children
Joseph E. Nordsieck and Melanie A. Ringer
Francie and Mark Paper
Zachary M. Rawling
Diane Seder and Bruce Rosen
In honor of Merle and Steve Rosskam
Jennifer E. and Charles F. Sands, in honor of Betty Van Denburgh
Susannah and Leslie H. Small
Carolyn and John G. Stuart
Ginger Sykes Torres and Javier Torres
Paul Weiden, MD and Bev Linkletter


Drs. Christopher Appleton and Marcia Ko
Shirley L. Avery
Joe and Nancy Braucher
John and Patricia Case
Rebecca Comstock, in honor of Betty Van Denburgh
Harold and JoAnne Frede
Mary and Geoff Hamway
Jack Knowlton
Nils Lindfors
John McKelvey
Sara Sherman Glaser
Roger Strong
Genie Trotter and Jack Watson
Kay and Richard Yuspeh


Jody and Barry M. Aarons
Peter and Betty Bengtson
Elaine P. Benisek
Norma Jean Coulter
Michele LaForest Halloran
Carol Jo Hargreaves and Larry Schneider
Debby Johnson and Carl Roy
Keith and Katherine Mayer
Marc and Stace Robbins
Natalie Vandeventer
Jacklyn Writz

Corporate Sponsors

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