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¡Artes Vivas! Application


The State of Arizona requires that you obtain a Transaction Privilege Tax license to sell at ¡Artes Vivas! The total sales tax for artists to collect at ¡Artes Vivas! is 8.6% (state 6.3%/ city 2.3%). You can download the application below. If the market opening date is not far away and you may not receive the license before the show, we recommend that you have a copy of the completed form and a copy of your check or money order with you in case they conduct spot checks at the market.

If you have questions, the Arizona Department of Revenue has a FAQs page for selling at special events like our Fair.
Transaction Privilege Tax Application (Short Form)

Accepted Artists Information

If you have received your acceptance letter to show at the event, you can pay your booth fee here.

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